Strategic Advice for Business

Smart Capital Partners provides advice on a broad range of areas across a wide range of industries.

We can help businesses grow by providing advice on: expanding into international markets; building their local distribution network; targeting acquisitions; sales and marketing; and how to secure strategic business and investment partners.

Our strategic advice also extends to: reviewing the effectiveness of existing operating structures; warehousing and distribution options; procurement; manufacturing and outsourcing.

Our principals and associate have a lot of experience in international markets. Some of the activities include: Joint ventures in Malaysia and Indonesia; Manufacturing in China; 3rd Party Warehousing in the USA; Distribution Agreements in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland; Establishing Branch Offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our principals and associate’s business knowledge includes extensive hands-on experience which enables us to offer unique insights and relevant advice to our clients.

Our corporate advisory work is enhanced by our finance placement and private equity experience and skills.  The combination of these two components allows us to execute client’s projects successfully and in a cost effective fashion.

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