Private Equity

Smart Capital Partners through the current and past activities of its principals has been involved in a range of private equity deals, examples of which are shown below.

Private equity can be comprised of investment by companies, private individuals and venture capital.

Typically deals in Australia requiring private equity up to $1M-1.5M are sourced via private/angel investors or small corporates and those over this amount through venture capital funds.

Private Equity
Leading Bodycare Brand

Private Equity
Emu Tech
Early Stage Technology Business

Private Equity
Evodia Group
Owner of Bodycare Brands

Equity Placement with
Strategic Asia Based Investor
Leading Hotel Management Company

Private Equity
Early Stage E-Commerce Business

Private equity can be generally provided for start-ups, early stage businesses, expansion and acquisitions.

The more difficult areas for raising private equity are for start-ups or early stage businesses. This is a factor of the heightened risk inherent in businesses at this stage of development.

For businesses seeking more than $2M for expansion capital and or acquisitions we know a number venture capital investors where we can place deals. Venture capital investors tend to focus on different industries and at varying stages of a company’s growth cycle. It is important to identify the appropriate investor for your project.

We look at many private equity deals and we find a large number fail to articulate and support properly the key elements investors want to see. This is where our expertise can make a significant difference to the outcome.





Through our preparation of an investment memorandum we focus on the key factors and risks and present them in a way to make the proposition as compelling as possible.

We only put forward private equity deals to investors which we believe are worthy. Our approach with clients is to get a summary of the proposition and after review to discuss the deal, all at no cost or obligation.

Once we are comfortable with the deal we then seek a formal engagement with the client and proceed to prepare an investment memorandum to discuss with prospective private equity investors.

It is crucial that your deal is structured and presented in the best possible light and clearly makes the case for the investment.

Smart Capital Partners, in its own right and through its associates and partners has access to capital for the right deals.

We can also source equity investments specifically for mining and agriculture from connections we have linked to the Middle-East and North Africa.

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