Property Investment Finance

We find rates and debt ratio limits can vary quite a bit between banks and lenders.  This has become more so in recent times due to the impact of higher capital adequacy ratio requirements on banks.

While we are able to obtain the lowest interest rates for clients through our network of banks and lenders we often find that gearing and security requirements are equally important to address.

Lenders like to take as much security as they can which can inhibit your other business or property activities.  We can look at your current facilities and advise on how we think they could be restructured to your advantage.

There are a number of structured financing options available particularly where the facility  required is in excess of lenders requirements.  Our knowledge of what will work and who to approach in order to get the transaction done is one of our competitive advantages.

If you have a new acquisition or just want to ensure you are getting the best deal then you should contact us.


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